Filmmaker/Japanese Linguist
Setting up a shot with Mel Gibson.
Lifting a Porsche with a helicopter on to Pismo Dunes for a TDK commercial.

Behind the Scenes Photos

Snapshots from the shoot of Brooke's photobook "Secrets".

With Geena Davis from the "Honda Innova" shoot. Top left is Director Blair Hayes. Lower left is Toshiaki Kato, current Chairman of Hakuhodo China.
From "Kirin Mets". 2nd from left is Director Dror Soref (producer, feature "Basic") and in center is DP John Leonetti (DP, feature "Mask").
With Client and guitarist Adrian Belew of King Crimson.
From the multi-65mm camera shoot of "Voyage of Di Liefde". The man in red shirt is the late DP and Chairman of the Japan Society of Cinamatographers, Mr. Nose. The man in the stripped shirt is Mr. Simpson of Panavision 65mm Dept. On the right is the optical printer also used in "Star Wars IV" at John Dykstra's Apogee Vfx.
Setting up a shot with Diane Lane.
On the set for a cosmetics ad with model Maari Askew.
With Director of Photography Chris Lynch.
From right to left is Tamlyn Tomita, her father, and manager.
With Recording Engineer Steve Mitchell (George Harrison's "Bangladesh"), Mrs Bud Dain, Mrs. Kaneko, and Chairman. Kaneko, Chairman of Mitsui Manufacturers Bank.
On the left is Mr. Kawauchi, former General Manager of Nippon Hoso Broadcasting and to the right is Mr. Kamebuchi, current General Manager of Nippon Hoso Broadcasting.






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